First Czech Webflow Meetup
Nov 23
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First Czech Webflow Meetup


Thu, Nov 2, 2023, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC)

Menclova 2538/2, 180 00 Praha 8-Palmovka, Czechia

Event information

We'd love to invite you to the first official Webflow meetup in Prague, Czech Republic.💙

Since the Webflow CZ/SK Facebook group is almost at the 1.000 members mark but there has not been any activity in the Webflow offline sphere I (Jan Losert) volunteered and prepared, with the amazing team at Make, the first Webflow meetup here in Prague. So come to hang out with the people who work daily with this incredible tool, and share stories about their use cases and about the no-code itself.

The meetup will take place at the Make offices, three weeks after the Webflow Conf, so we'll have a lot to discuss since Webflow will be announcing... a lot of new things this year! Whether you just want to talk about full-screen menus, swipers, limits of nested collections, or sneaky bugs, this is the time. We will have 4 speakers and (maybe) a panel to discuss the new features introduced at Webflow Conf in October. 

Join us on Thursday, 2nd of November at Make HQ, for demos, talks about the new Webflow, and networking. Followed by snacks, drinks & chill 🌮🍻

Secure your spot today and we look forward to what we, as the no-code community in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will come up with, and hopefully, this is just the beginning!

We’re also happy to provide a platform for anybody else, ideally 2 more speakers, who have something interesting to present, whether it's a demo, a story, or any demonstration of how they use Webflow, either as a team or as individuals – So If you want to be part of this Meetup message us at crew@make.com .

See you in November! 👋 

Note: This event will be held in English.


5:30 PM

Open Doors

Prepare your ticket, greet our hosts, grab a drink, meet new faces, and find your spot to enjoy the evening.

6:00 PM

Welcome & Intro

Jan (Webflow official Global Leader) will start this Meetup with a warm welcome & introduction to "why Webflow" and introduce the speakers. And hopefully discuss some cool stuff from this year's Webflow Conference and introduction to the new Webflow (hopefully announced by that point ;)).

6:10 PM

Talk 1: Tomáš Mrázek – Webflow & GSAP Demo

Tomáš will unveil some of his latest projects, with a particular emphasis on his approach to managing GSAP animations within Webflow, putting a firm focus on the dynamic world of animations. He will guide us through the narrative of a Webflow Animator's journey, discussing strategies for tackling animations and presenting a selection of examples. To conclude, he'll impart key insights from his considerable experience with hero sections.

6:25 PM

Talk 2: Martin Karásek – Webflow, Make & Airtable

In this talk, Martin will show how to manage and auto-update large CMS builds using Make and Airtable.

6:35 PM

Talk 3: Streamline the development process for a more efficient and innovative workflow

Currently working as no-code dev at tonik.com, experienced no-code developer who's passionate about contributing to the growth of a no-code culture. Through his work, he's been able to help streamline the development process for a more efficient and innovative workflow. He takes pride in staying up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in this field, and he's always eager to share my knowledge with others.

6:50 PM

Talk 4: Webflow in Škoda X

Stanislav will talk about how they manage their work at Škoda X when multiple people are touching the same build in Webflow, Pros and Cons when using Logic in Webflow which mixing it with CRM and how BeRider used Webflow Ecommerce.

7:10 PM

Networking & drinks 🍻

We'll have some delicious food and drinks ready. It's your chance to mingle, meet new people, and challenge someone to a ping pong match or a table football game for a fun-filled evening!

8:30 PM

It's a wrap!

Time to say good night.



Stanislav Krofta


Kacper Murzyn


Tomáš Mrázek


Martin Karásek



Product Designer & Webflow Expert

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