KetchUp #2
Feb 24

KetchUp #2


Thu, Feb 22, 2024, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC)

Južná trieda 48, 040 01 Juh, Slovakia

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Come join us for the 2nd of a series of upcoming tech community meetups in Kosice. We will explore various subjects within the topic infrastructure, utilising modern cloud and f*ckup prevention 😏

You can expect engaging presentations from Kiwi.com, Tietoevry and Labyrinth Labs.

Talks (15min + 5min Q&A):

1. Cloud (and SaaS) pricing: Where do they get you?
Robert Selvek - Infrastructure Platform Engineer - Kiwi.com

When you look at the pricing of the large cloud providers, you might either find it deceptively simple and cheap or overwhelmingly complicated, depending on how much you read into their pricing pages. We’ll use Google Cloud and some observability providers as an example and take a look at which prices you should pay close attention to, how to track your spend and some cultural practices which you can build in your engineering departments to prevent massive cost fuckups.

2. What developers need to know to utilize modern cloud and avoid f*ckups
Jaroslav Vojtek - Senior DevOps Engineer - Labyrinth Labs

He will cover important topics of infrastructure management and recognizing the limitations of cloud services, and, crucially, ensuring applications meet the criteria of being truly cloud-native. By embracing these considerations, developers can optimize their cloud utilization and sidestep common pitfalls, fostering a more robust and efficient cloud experience.

3. Navigating the Storm: Understanding and overcoming infrastructure outages and operational mistakes
Boris Puterka - Infrastructure Platform Engineer - Kiwi.com

In today’s interconnected world, the reliability of a company’s infrastructure is paramount to its success and reputation. But what happens when things go wrong? Outages are not just inconveniences; they can be critical events that test the resilience and preparedness of an organization. This talk dives into the murky waters of infrastructure failures, operational mistakes, and providing insights into Kiwi.com operations.

4. Active Hybrid Environment Management – how does Cloud help?
Benjamin Melikant - Cloud Consultant & Architect - Tietoevry

Customers have multiple environments and solutions. The way of being the right partner for them is to simplify management and operations through sustainable resources and replicable solutions. Everyone wants to have a comprehensive IT environment that reduces overhead and expenses. How can this be done? Let me show to you how we do things at Tietoevry!

After the talks, you can expect yummy refreshments, beers & a space for networking 🌮🍕🥤. We are looking forward to meet you all! 

Kiwi.com, Tietoevry & Lablabs



Zbyněk Saloň


Boris Puterka

Senior Platform Engineer at Kiwi.com

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Smol boi


Róbert Selvek

Senior Platform Infrastructure Engineer at Kiwi.com

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Róbert is a Senior Platform Engineer at Kiwi.com, where he has been focusing on observability for a long time, from infrastructure l...

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Jaroslav Vojtek

Senior DevOps Engineer at Labyrinth Labs

As a Senior DevOps/Platform Cloud Engineer, I am focused on automation and cloud infrastructure. Over the past 5+ years, I have work...

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