Summer with backend
Aug 23
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Summer with backend


Tue, Aug 8, 2023, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC)

Střecha Radost
nám. Winstona Churchilla 2, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Česko

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Hello there,

Let's enjoy summer, along with three talks focused on the backend 🛠

Register and save the date for another meetup from the Mews kitchen with the support of Ataccama and Wrike.

These are the topics and speakers you can look forward to:

🎙️ Storing datetime information - is UTC really the right way?

Many people believe that if they store all date-time values in UTC, they'll never have to deal with time zone issues again. Well, that's what we thought too. Before we were forced to reconsider. Let's talk about the different ways of storing date-time values and see if any of them is "right".

Marek Třešňák, Senior Staff Backend Engineer @ Mews

🎙️ Low-latency data processing scheduling under constraints

We will share a thrilling story about Ataccama’s ONE data management platform, which was put to the test when one of our oldest and largest client needed help scanning for PII data across their massive collection of data sources. Discover the importance of good architecture, the significance of scaling, the benefits of flexibility, and other lessons learned in product and engineering throughout this journey.

Václav Brodec, Product Manager @ Attacama

🎙️ Encryption Key Management Service in Microservice Platform

In a SaaS product, the customers want to ensure that all their sensitive data is securely stored and nobody else has access to it. Wrike has a feature just for that use case: Wrike Lock. The idea behind the Wrike Lock is to have all sensitive customer data encrypted using our internal keys. Internal keys are stored in the database as strings encrypted by the key managed by the client. This way, we cannot maliciously decrypt the customer's data unless the customer would willingly provide us access to decrypt internal keys. As we're growing and moving towards a microservice platform, the current solution of having the key management system per service is not plausible anymore. A new centralized approach is desperately needed, where a single service manages the keys, settings, and access to the client's KMS. There goes the idea of Wrike's Encryption as a Service. A microservice caching the keys, validating that we still have access to the client's KMS, and issuing the keys to the services which need to encrypt or decrypt the customer's sensitive data.

Daniil Grankin, Software developer @ Wrike



Marek Třešňák

Senior Staff Backend Engineer at Mews

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Marek is an enthusiast who enjoys programming in all of its forms.

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Daniil Grankin

Backend Software Engineer at Wrike

I'm a developer in the internal backend unit, where we:

* Improve the technology stack

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Václav Brodec

Product Manager at Ataccama

I am a technical product manager, previously a software engineer, with fourteen years of combined working experience.

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