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Engineering Leaders CZ 🇨🇿


  • Do you feel a bit abandoned in leading your team?

  • Do you aspire to gain more inspiration/thoughts around leading your team in specific situations?

  • Elevate yourself and become a leader worth following. 💪


  • The more we help to raise first-time engineering managers in our 🇨🇿 territory, the faster we elevate local companies and the talent 🚀, getting us on par with software citadels like Berlin 🇩🇪 or London 🇬🇧.

  • We connect engineering leaders in the Czech software industry and share situations, thoughts, experiences, and specific tips and tricks that simply work.


The group is designed for all levels in the Engineering Leadership track:

  • Team/Tech leads,

  • Engineering Directors, Engineering VPs, CTOs,

  • Product managers, QAs,

  • and those aspiring to similar roles.



  • Making your engineering department successful and trusted in your organization

  • Engineering effectiveness, metrics and indicators (predict and control)

  • Engineering stability (predictability)

  • Engineering processes and methodologies (from firefighting to proud teams via seamless features delivery)

  • Cooperation with Product managers (different stages)

  • Making priorities, goals and OKRs work (how to translate company goals to dev tickets)

  • Engineering teams, scalability and balance (grow your teams)

and most importantly, any current situation we encounter and look for advice.

For every meetup, we pick a top theme.


1. Open door,

  1. Main theme introduction, lessons learned, free discussion,

  2. Follow-up open topics,

  3. Individual talks and networking/🍻⏱️

Language: Czech 🇨🇿


We'd be happy to obtain any form of sponsorship in the form of the venue: conference room or co-work room free of charge. Other means of sponsorship are not welcomed.


  • The meetup can be voice-recorded for the purpose of feedback gathering, improvement and a potential podcast publication.

  • For the benefit of our community, we are allowed to shoot pictures for broadcast on social media.

For more information about the host, explore Engineering management mentoring programs and topics.

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