One-to-Ones suck ☠️ / Jak umíme dát 1:1s na jedničku 😁
Jun 23
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One-to-Ones suck ☠️ / Jak umíme dát 1:1s na jedničku 😁

Stabilize your teams

Wed, Jun 21, 2023, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC)

WorkLounge Prague s.r.o. Diamant Václavák Václavské náměstí 3 110 00 Praha 1

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  • "Mam se na prvnim 1:1 ptat: A jak se ma tva babicka?" 👵

  • "Nase 1:1s jsou spis status updaty" 🙈

  • "1:1s delam, protoze to po mne chteji, ale sam plne netusim, co ma byt prinosem."

  • "Povidani je spise umele. Nevime, o cem si vlastne povidat" 🙊

Co probereme

  • 1️⃣ jake podminky potrebujeme splnit, aby nam 1:1s fungovali,

  • 2️⃣ jak vest 1:1s, otvereni, agenda,

  • 3️⃣ co mne osobne pomohlo, aby lidi meli 1:1s radi a byly uzitecne,

  • 4️⃣ jake jsou rozdily mezi tim, co nam rika literatura vs. aplikovani v nasem teritoriu,

  • 5️⃣ a hlavne 🔝top 10 tipu a triku, ktere funguji a muzeme je vyzkouset.

Mame max 40 mist, nutnosti je registrace a schvaleni na waitlistu. Podminkou je pozice v softwarove firme ve vyvoji, leadershipu nebo jinych relevantnich rolich.



  • Do you feel bit of abandoned in leading your team?

  • Get better at leading your team in specific situations.

  • Be a leader worth following! 💪


  • is to connect engineering leaders in Czech software industry and share your situations, thoughts, experience, and specific tips and tricks that simply work.

  • Why? We aspire to be on par with larger software hubs, be it Berlin, London or Amsterdam. 


The group is designed for all levels in Engineering Leadership track:

  • Team/Tech leads,

  • Engineering Directors, Engineering VPs, CTOs,

  • Product managers, QAs,

  • and those aspiring to similar roles.



  • Making your engineering department successful and trusted in your organization

  • Engineering effectiveness, metrics and indicators (predict and control)

  • Engineering stability (predictability)

  • Engineering processes and methodologies (from firefighting to proud teams via seamless features delivery)

  • Cooperation with Product managers (different stages)

  • Making priorities, goals and OKRs work (how to translate company goals to dev tickets)

  • Engineering teams, scalability and balance (grow your teams)

and the most importantly, any current situation we encounter and look for advice.

For every meetup, we pick a top theme.


1. Open door

  1. Main theme introduction, lessons learned, free discussion

  2. Follow-up open topics

  3. Individual talks and networking/🍻⏱️

Language: Czech 🇨🇿


We'd be happy to obtain any form of sponsorship in the form of the venue: conference room or co-work room free of charge. Other means of sponsorship are not welcomed.

For more information about the host, explore Engineering management mentoring programs and topics.


3:30 PM


3:40 PM

MAIN TOPIC: 1on1s debunked

4:30 PM

Follow-up open topics / individual talks && networking



Marian Kamenistak

Engineering Leadership Mentor | Former VP Engineering | Fractional advisor/executive at marian.coach

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I'm passionate about building products by enabling the environment and talent around me.

I have a mathematician mindset; I started ...

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Other information


  • we are transparent - we say things how they are in real, no sugarcoating

  • we are ambitious - continuously, we become better with every step


  • Your registered email address might be used to reach out for following community event invitations.

  • In order to improve the sessions and gain feedback, the event might be recorded in audio format.