Oct 23
Past event



Thu, Oct 19, 2023, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC)

Južná trieda 48, 040 01 Juh, Slovakia

Event information

Come join us for the premiere KEtchUp gathering, kicking off a series of upcoming tech community meetups in Kosice. The first meetup will explore various subjects within the topic of web development. You can expect engaging presentations from our colleague from Kiwi.com, as well as our friends from Sudolabs and Visma.

The event will be in Slovak language.

Web development with Jakarta 10
Visma - Brano Bednar - Java Developer

Java EE. Nowadays it doesn’t sound very attractive, right? Fresh air for robust web solution should have come with the release of Jakarta 10 in September 2022. What is new in Jakarta 10? what are the challenges when using it, or upgrading from the previous version? Should it be used for web development in 2023? Not only that will be discussed during KEtchUp!

The Disruptive Shift: Software Engineers Vs. Language Models
Sudolabs - Peter Papp - Product Manager

Change is coming, and it’s going to transform the world of software engineering, sooner, than you think! Brace for a revealing discussion about the immense shift predicted for software engineering roles, suggesting the highest impact than any other domain! Get insider knowledge about cutting-edge tools surpassing Github Copilot, and predict the future with previews of tech advancements in the next 3-5 years. Controversial, fascinating, and profoundly impactful - this talk is beyond coding.

Contract-First API Development: How not to get crazy in microservices architecture
Kiwi.com - Michal Korbela - Staff Engineer

OpenAPI simplifies the definition of our API schema with elegance. Yet, the use of incorrect tools or approaches can swiftly lead to a multitude of disparate schemas and flawed client implementations. How can we avert these pitfalls? What tools should be employed? How can we eradicate human errors from the equation? Join us as we delve into potential solutions and witness how we've tackled this challenge at Kiwi.com.