Tell your community story in numbers

With Talkbase Analytics, you can prove the cross-functional value of your community to the business by showing the data your executive team needs.

Finally understand your community’s ROI to the business


Understand the correlation of community involvement and customer retention and renewals.


Measure increased feature adoption, product ideas, and product usage due to community engagement.


Measure the impact of community engagement on the sales pipeline.


Discover measurable exposure and awareness through community channels.


Determine community’s impact on reducing support costs and improving customer satisfaction scores.

Quantify and visualize your community’s impact

Choose your view

Choose you view in numbers, charts, graphs of lists to best capture the essence of what you need reporting on.

Leading members and organizations

See top community members who initiate conversations, reply to the most conversations, and are the most active in the community.

Unlock the power of data

Build custom dashboards to view data from multiple sources and team to help vizualize the impact your community has across the organization.

Customizable reporting

Prioritize what activities are most important for your community by adding custom weights for posts, replies, and reactions.

Usable insights

Create a Static List or export insights via an integration or download to Excel for further actions and analysis.


Categorize and segment members with customizable tags.

Custom contact fields

Customize your contact profile fields to track the information you need.

Contact request form

Send a request for contact details to keep your members’ information up to date.

Contact source

Know where your contacts are coming from.


Know how each member interacts and engages in the community.

Empower your team to prove the cross-functional value that community brings across the business
Real-time storage of community member information, resources, and activities for team access and action.