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Community Managers working in startups, tech,
and high-growth companies

Join fellow community operators, experts and enthusiasts in this invite-only Slack community to learn about best practices, share tips and tricks, get access to community events, and make some new community friends.
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Through the Talkbase community, I've discovered the work and wisdom of uber-talented community operations and event professionals. It's become my go-to spot for information and questions about anything related to ongoing operations.
Jenny Weigle
Chief Community Officer at Jenny.community
The Talkbase community is the place to go to connect with peers who are focused on learning and growing. Not only is the product incredibly helpful and supportive of your community operations need, but the actual community is equally supportive. I’ve always been a fan of Talkbase especially because everything they do is by community leaders for community leaders-which you don’t see that often!
Katie Ray
Head of Community at Metadata.io

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What's important to us

We are
Human First
We are respectful and inclusive individuals who believe in shared learning and success. We operate in a circle of trust, understanding that everyone in the room is human and has their own stories, opinions, and experience. We believe in equality and work to amplify the voices of the lesser represented.
We always
Celebrate Our Wins
We want to celebrate big wins, but more importantly, we celebrate the small wins every day. We lift each other up, as we all have a collective vision of best-in-class community operations in our companies and teams. We believe in Shine Theory, the mutual investment in one another, and the belief that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.”
We are
We strive to make things better than we found them. From creating and making processes better, creating improved workflows, streamlining data visibility and integrity, and minimizing tech debt, we are nerdy about constant improvement. We believe in the beauty of details while acknowledging the importance of long-term strategy.
We are
Here To Learn
We believe in humility, that no one knows all of the answers. We believe life is a learning adventure and there is always room for adding and sharing knowledge. We recognize that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and the important thing is that we learn and grow from those mistakes. We don’t criticize or judge, but provide coaching and guidance.

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