The Ultimate
Community Playbook for Community Newbies

Setting the Right
Goals for Your Community

Setting the Right Goals for Your Community

This ebook will guide you on how to define your community’s goals aligned with the community and company-wide goals. Including 30+ community goals examples.
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What's inside

Before Planning Your Goals
This ebook guide you how to navige what expectations are being passed down from the executive team, and how much cross-functional support you have as a community team.
Actively Planning Goals
Once you map out your communitys' purpose, it will be be that much easier to figure out what it needs to take it to the next level and what goals should be set.
Examples of Community Goals
Get inspired by 30+ community goals examples for communities of practice, user communities, all the way to goals for NGO communities.
After the Goals Are Set
Sharing goals with the company allows diverse perspectives and opens the door to collaboration. This ebook will guide you on how to succeed.

Created by

Talia Basma
Community Enthusiast | Storyteller | CX Lead @ Kapwing

Talia Basma is an author whose work centers around not only her own voice, but amplifying the voices of those around her. She is a storyteller and listener. She hopes to inspire minorities of all backgrounds use their stories and love of worlds to bring others together. Though her passion is in fiction, Talia knows that the root of all stories is real life and loves working with companies that are made to give others an outlet to create/be heard.

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