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With Talkbase, you can prove cross-functional value of your community to the business by showing the data your executive team needs.

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We are community builders at heart. Our mission is to build a tool that enables community teams to excel at what they do and to help show it off.

Drive measurable results across the business

Tell your community story in numbers

Create custom reports to connect the dots between community, support,
product, marketing, customer success, and more.

Connecting the dots between company and community data
View the right community data

Customize the view of your dashboards and vizualize the right community data.

Make right community decisions

Understand where you community makes real business impact and take action.

View the right segments

Create automated contact lists and view analytics within custom time frames.

Member-level data insights

Discover the true impact of community initiatives by analyzing data at the individual level of each member.

Here’s what we can do cross-functionally

With Talkbase community analytics, teams can easily analyze how and why customers engage in their community throughout their acquisition, onboarding, and retention process.

Number of members with weekly activity


Number of ICP Companies in the community


New member growth MOM


Total opportunities with community activity


Closed opportunities with community activity


Closed opportunities with community activity


Number of verified members


Community engagement rate


New member growth in last 3 months

On Demand

Deals with community as the source of contact


Closed Won Deals with community activity


Number of open Deals with community activity

On Demand

Saved in case deflection ($)

Number of questions * cost per support agent’s time


Time saved (hours)

Number of questions * avg. time to solve


Average opened tickets per member

On Demand

Resolved cases within the community

Number of questions marked as resolved


Resolved case volume

% of cases resolved in the community


Effortless Way To Organize Community Contacts

CRM Profile Details

Uncover the impact of community on your business growth down
to a single member.

Build Dynamic & Static Lists

Group contacts by platform, activity, or event attendance for easier reporting.

Tag members

Easily manage all your members by creating custom tags for categorization.

Company CRM

Understand what companies your community members are coming from and analyze their engagement.


Turn your data into action with Talkbase add-ons

Organize events

Host virtual and in-person event or meet-ups faster than ever.

Community page

Build your community resource hub with event calendar and a member directory in seconds.


Review, approve and onboard you new community members.

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Meet other community operators, event managers, and community experts to learn best practices, share tips, and get access to exclusive community events.

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Gabrielle L.
I just wanted to give the Building Communities for Startups podcast a shoutout. I'm 3 episodes in and finding it super useful! Especially liking the post-podcast worksheets. I also find making them not longer than 30 mins SO much easier to digest. I'm in the thick of building a new community for a startup & finding it to be an awesome resource/source of inspo... 🙌 🎧 💜
Klara L.
Hi everyone @here! 👋 Exciting announcement - I’d like to introduce our first ever cohort of the Talkbase Ambassadors
This is a four month program where people who are looking to get into community management... 🤗 💞 👏 👋
Tess B.
Hey everyone!! I'm looking to revamp my community KPIs and OKRs and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you define engagement & what metrics you use to measure engagement growth in your communities... 🎯
Talia B.
Hello everyone! Happy Monday.
📖 I have the pleasure of teaming up with Talkbase to write an e-book on

Community analytics you’ll love using

Talkbase has taken our community programs and events to a new level. Our work more efficient and streamlined. From the first interaction, you can feel that this is a tool for community managers, built by people who have community management in their hearts.

Jiří Nečas
Tech Community Manager

I use Talkbase on a daily basis - I’m in it all the time, especially before an event where I’m constantly looking at the attendee list. It’s so easy and intuitive… seriously.

Product & Tech Community Lead
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