The Ultimate
Community Playbook for Community Newbies

Setting the Right
Goals for Your Community

The Ultimate Community Playbook for Community Newbies

Get actionable steps on community building, engagement, and member experience.
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What's inside

Understand the Purpose of Your Community
The most important thing to do when planning to build a community is to understand how it will provide value to its members. The Playbook includes guiding questions to help you discover yours.
The Importance of Community in Business
Communities are powerful business tools. Communities allow a company to have two-way conversations with customers and audience members. Learn how to start your customer community.
The Foundations of Community Engagement
We’ll walk you through the foundational techniques that will provide you with a solid foundation for engagement and will also give incoming members a kick-off start on their experience.
More Resources and Pro Tips
This Playbook includes 20+ resources and 20 insider tips from our Community team.

Created by

Vanessa Marquez
Communications & Marketing Specialist, Bike New York

Life coach and content creator. Her passion lies in merging movement, psychology, and the power of community to help people and companies leverage their authenticity by sharing powerful stories and living their values. Marquez loves pursuing creative ways of self-expression, and her goal is to bring empowerment to those around her: whether that is through personal coaching, social media consulting, or workshop facilitation. She’s excited to put her magic to work and her motto is “Choose Happiness – It is never too late to try anything that brings a smile to our faces!”

Nicole Lasasso
Head of Client Success, Betterfly

Customer success and community-building enthusiast. With a burning passion for people and creating long-lasting relationships, it made sense for her to transition from the operations world into community building. Lasasso strongly believes “there is no I in TEAM” and that the best results come from collaboration and creating nurturing spaces where different points of view can influence a project. Creating social impact and placing people in the center of any equation is her favorite way of investing her time and energy.

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