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Building Communities for Startups Podcast

Are you looking to launch a community for your next venture?
We designed this 10-episode series to help you understand the steps you need to take. In this series, we bring you insights from ten experienced community professionals who build successful communities and share exactly how they did it.

Podcast Series By Talkbase

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We designed this template as a 10-step journey to getting your community off the ground. As you listen to the podcast episodes, you can follow the prompts, brainstorming questions, and to-do's in the duplicatable template.


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Insightful questions you can brainstorm with your team

Actionable to-do's you should complete for each step

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Latest Episodes

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#1 The Power of Community with Max Rothery

Together with Max, we talk about defining the purpose of your community. Max shares great tips on the community-led mindset and its importance to the community's success and cross-company integration.

#2 Defining Your Community Strategy with Jenny Weigle

Together with Jenny, we talk about the best ways to design a strategy for your future community. Jenny shares her step-by-step process when creating a strategy from her experience with working with companies like Sephora, Etsy, Productboard, and others!

#3 Choosing the Right Community Platform with Tristan Lombard

We invited Tristan to chat to us about what goes into the process of choosing the right community platform. In this episode we dive into the key attributes you should be looking for in your community platform and what types of platforms are there.

#4 Getting the First 10, 50, and 100 Members with Jamie Langskov

Together with Jamie, we talk about how to launch your MVP community and activate the first members. Getting the first members is a big step in your community-building journey. Jamie talks about the best ways to prepare for launch and build up that member list.

#5 Designing the Community Experience with Jennifer Serrat

In this episode with Jen we're talking all about designing an amazing community experience. We cover what does community experience mean in the first place and why it is so imporant for the success of your community. Then we dive deeper into what key elements go into creating an awesome experience for your members.