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Host Online Events and Meetups faster than ever

Put an end to tedious spreadsheet copies and multiple platforms. Talkbase makes it easy to create, manage, and schedule events.


Track tasks, speakers, and documents in one place

I can't even imagine having to go back to our pre-Talkbase workflow anymore. In just 10 minutes I can set up an event with all the info that a participant needs, which means I have time in my schedule to plan more events, build stronger relationships, and deliver more value to our community members.

Mirella Ang de Jonge
Community Strategist & Manager

Get your events noticed

Your members can’t attend events if they don’t know about them. Get the word out across multiple channels to reach as many members as possible.


Reduce chaos with intuitive event registrations

Whether you're streaming online or meeting in person, Talkbase supports all of your events. Our registration features make it easier for members to register and for you to manage events.

Make meetups and events buzzworthy

Deliver stand-out experiences for your members with an event management platform that makes it easy to plan, promote, and run your events from start to finish.

Build registration forms with all custom questions.
Invitations & waitlists
Choose auto-confirmation or waitlist for your attendees.
Embed calendar
Embed events or event calendar view on your website.
Export contacts
Sync event registrations with other platforms.
Faster process
Quickly publish event and registration pages.
Send event invitations to chosen members directly to their inbox.

Build a better community right now

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