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Designed from the Ground Up for Team Collaboration

We built Talkbase to help you tackle your most ambitious project of all: community building. Our collaborative environment helps you grow your community by making it easy to create, edit, assign, and track your team’s work.

Keep your team aligned

Your team is busy. Make the most of collaboration with Talkbase. We empower your teams to collaborate more effectively by giving everyone access to critical tasks and the ability to work on them together.

Create and manage tasks with deadlines, tags, comments, and files

Track and organize your team’s work with custom labels, statuses, and ownership

View tasks in a board or list view


Organize every project with boards for each

Our task management boards make it easy to stay organized and keep your team informed. Create boards for everything: new projects, your team's general tasks, event management, your backlog, and more.

Personal boards with tasks from every project

Individual boards under each program

Task boards for individual events

Purpose-built for teams

Take control of your team's most challenging tasks. Plan, assign, and track your workflow with a community operations tool that makes it easier to stay on top of things. Let us show you how.

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Gabrielle L.
I just wanted to give the Building Communities for Startups podcast a shoutout. I'm 3 episodes in and finding it super useful! Especially liking the post-podcast worksheets. I also find making them not longer than 30 mins SO much easier to digest. I'm in the thick of building a new community for a startup & finding it to be an awesome resource/source of inspo... 🙌 🎧 💜
Klara L.
Hi everyone @here! 👋 Exciting announcement - I’d like to introduce our first ever cohort of the Talkbase Ambassadors
This is a four month program where people who are looking to get into community management... 🤗 💞 👏 👋
Tess B.
Hey everyone!! I'm looking to revamp my community KPIs and OKRs and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you define engagement & what metrics you use to measure engagement growth in your communities... 🎯
Kristen M.
Hey friends @here! 📣 This is a big announcement, and of course we wanted to let our community members know first… Talkbase is live for the public! 🥳