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Introducing the Community Tours Event Series

November 9, 2022

Community Lead @ Talkbase

✋Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted a personal tour of one of your favorite communities! Maybe it’s not even a favorite community you want to tour, but perhaps another community that is managed on a platform you want to test out, or one that has a program you’d like to learn about. Introducing the Community Tours event series! 🥳

We polled our members several months ago and the one thing we found was a unanimous need amongst community builders was more live tooling and community tours. We thought that insight was super helpful and it really resonated with our community team, propelling us to launch this series! 

Each of our tours will highlight one community, allowing the presenter to have a show-and-tell for their community and its processes. We hope that we will inspire new and seasoned pros in CommunityOps to think about their operations and tech stack with a different lens. Oftentimes community teams are small and we can’t test out all the tools and processes or programs that we would like to. This series will act like a cheat sheet, helping to scope new ways to optimize your community. 

Topics in presentations will range in Community Operations goodness, but you can expect to get exclusive looks at:

  • Common integrations with community platforms
  • Tips on features in specific platforms like Slack, Circle, Khoros, or InSided
  • Gamification tips, tricks, and lessons
  • Turning cumbersome processes into automated activities
  • Operational lessons learned, or pain we can help you can evade in your journey 😆

This event series is exclusive to our Talkbase Friends Community members. We will be having one event a month, with 30-40 minutes of the presenter speaking followed by 10-20 minutes of questions. We will be featuring different platforms and community types throughout the series, with some award-winning communities being shown. 

If you would like to participate as a speaker for one of our events, reach out to me, our Community Lead and event host, If you would like to stay up-to-date on our calendar of events, click here. And if you would like to watch a recording of our first tour, a developer community, click below! 

🎥 Click here to watch the recording from our first Community Tour 🎥

Kristen Meren
Community Lead @ Talkbase

November 9, 2022

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