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Talkbase Product Update: Community Applications

February 15, 2023

Community Lead @ Talkbase

We're excited to announce the Community Applications feature is now available! Community Applications allow you to create a custom application form and manage applications to join your community with automated ease.

What changed?

When logged into Talkbase, you will see a new feature for Applications in the navigation panel:

How does it work?

If you have a gated community, or want to review people before they’re able to join your community, you can use the Community Applications feature to receive and review applications. With this feature release, you will be able to:

Adjust the Settings & Form

As a first step, configure your application form by adding the fields to collect the information you want to collect. You can preview the form, then enable it for your community page or embed it onto any site of your choice.

Automate Emails

Secondly, set up automatic emails for the various application results. You can customize who the emails are sent from and customize the email subject and message that is sent.

Review and action community applications

When someone submits an application, you'll see a number by the "To Review" tab and then have the chance to approve, waitlist, or reject it. Upon taking an action, the applicant will receive the respective automated email.

Where can I learn more?

Read our help article, Getting started with Community Applications, to learn more. Have feedback or an idea about this feature? Visit our Product Roadmap.

Kristen Meren
Community Lead @ Talkbase

February 15, 2023

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