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How to Reuse Your Event Content With Scott Baldwin

February 24, 2022

Co-Founder @Talkbase

Scott Baldwin is a Community Lead & Product Evangelist at Productboard. In addition to organizing events, he runs the product makers community, a forum for professionals such as product managers, product designers, engineers, and anyone in product operations roles or involved in the creation of products. 

Content Reuse for Community & Event Managers

Generally, when preparing for an event, it's essential to plan with the after-event in mind to create content for more than just the event. 

If you think about it, many resources go into creating a successful event. You have to choose a topic, find speakers, sort out the content, create a structure of the event, collaborate with speakers in presentation preparation, confirm attendance, and stage the event on the D-day.

With so much on your plate, repurposing the content is a life-saver.  

"Create high-quality, relevant and personalized content in the format the users prefer to reach the maximum audience you can get." – Scott Baldwin

Why Reuse Event Content?

There are three main reasons you should reuse your event content.

  • Maximize the value
  • Reduce content production costs 
  • Faster time to market 

Think About Reuse Up-Front

If you intend to reuse content, it's essential to consider who you are creating content for (your personas and audience segments) and when they will consume it, particularly across the buyer journey. Again, you should have a mix of content from what you create for the event (blog post, eBook, infographic, white paper, quotes, key takeaways, etc.)

Below is a table to illustrate this.

On the same note, you need to have a content model to capture all the different contents you have. The model should have;

  • Content map 
  • Content attributes 
  • Content types 

Content Life

You should have several goals for repurposing the content across different periods, such as;

  • Three days - Maximize on-demand viewers, especially those that missed the event but registered
  • Three weeks – Drive new traffic to the content, especially from those that didn't register for the event
  • Three months – Continue to leverage the content to help drive visits via organic traffic and SEO
"People want to have the flexibility to consume the content at their own time." – Scott Baldwin

Collaborate and Share

Finally, once you have your content model built out, encourage the teams (social, content, sales, marketing, and community teams) to utilize it and make it available throughout the organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Repurposing content maximizes its value
  • Think about content reuse upfront to understand your audience
  • There are different ways to reuse content, such as creating blog posts, quotes, white papers, infographics, etc.

Klara Losert
Co-Founder @Talkbase

February 24, 2022

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