Unlocking Community Value with Meaningful Data

December 11, 2023

COO @ Talkbase

Creating a successful community is a bit like conducting a symphony. Between online community components like Q&A, discussions, and product ideation, to in-person or hybrid activities and programs like user groups and events, community managers are constantly making sure the community symphony is playing on-beat and in-tune.

Something community teams have mastered is tracking the health of the community - the engagement, new members, activities, etc. The real difficulty, though, goes a layer deeper into the value of the community - that is, what the community brings back to the business.

Part of the reason this has been historically difficult is because community is spread across multiple departments, spanning across platforms and tools, teams, and capacities. Not only is the data everywhere, but there are so many data points that even if you are able to obtain the data, putting it all together so it makes sense is something even the data analysts scratch their heads about.

With Talkbase Analytics, community teams will be able to not only access the relevant community data across their company’s tech stack, but read the data and consume it in a meaningful way.

Bringing together the tech stack

No more jumping from one platform to another. To circle back to the symphony analogy, it’s like having all your instruments playing in harmony. Talkbase integrates with a variety of platforms and tools - everything from your company’s CRM to your product team’s product management platform, to pull the community-relevant data and weave it into the data you own from the community.

From community health to community value

Talkbase Analytics isn't just crunching numbers; it's connecting the dots between community initiatives and your business's success metrics. Whether you’re looking to know how many dollars or hours were saved in case deflection, what you’re community qualified lead (CQL) conversion is, or the correlation between NPS score and community engagement is, Talkbase provides the tools to put the big picture together.

The nitty-gritty of meaningful data

Talkbase Analytics isn't just giving you data in endless spreadsheets and charts. We don’t want you to just see the trends, but understand them too. Most community managers aren’t data scientists and find themselves without the resources to put the information together. In fact, one customer reported that it took their team three years to put together the data in the same way Talkbase can do days, (or maybe weeks, depending on your tech stack’s complexity - just being honest).

Showcasing why your community matters

Your community is more than just “people hanging out” or “like social media”.  It's where the heart of your brand beats, impacting every part of the customer experience. Talkbase Analytics helps you tell that heartwarming story. It's not just about how engaged your members are – it's about how your community is driving business outcomes, creating loyal fans, and making your customers' experience truly extraordinary.

In the end, the role of analytics in your community isn't just about measuring its health – it's about making the jump to finding the value. Talkbase Analytics can be your partner in this journey, turning your community data into a narrative that shows value and impact it brings, both internally and externally, to your organization.

If you’d like to talk about your community’s value and how Talkbase can help, please reach out to us at

Tiffany Oda
COO @ Talkbase

December 11, 2023

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